Under instruction from The Governing Body, The Neighbourhood Tourism Authority produced a series of posters to advertise The Neighbourhood as a viable tourist destination.  Titled "Only in Our Imagination", the project enlisted the help of a few Neighbourhood residents, who dutifully attempted to play their part in aid of the greater good.  

While it must have been seen as an obvious move and a lucrative opportunity, the  effectiveness of the initiative remains unmeasured.  However, there is evidence that suggests at least some interest was expressed (see letter).

There seem to have been attempts to reach a varied audience, the discovery of editions in languages other than English suggests this. However, awkward translations raise questions about the success of such efforts.

Posters one through ten were found in early 2015. Later that year, posters eleven and twelve were discovered accidentally, along with rare bilingual versions featuring text in Spanish and Guarani. In 2017 an unidentified informant aided in the discovery of a Polish collection.